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Wait, what's a SpliceTube?

SpliceTubes are video container deployments that take in URL variables to allow the loading of user-selected YouTube streams, among other things. With SpliceTubes, I can spend a lot of time editing and masking source footage, turn them into web deployments with a little preparation, and then throw them into the wild.

oh, so it's a new sort of meme thing lol

Look, I'm just tired of images with text slapped on them. I've been tired of images with text slapped on them since before most current communities that specialize in distributing images with text slapped on them existed. I just want to encourage people to use these as a simple method of video editing and humor creation, in a form I haven't seen done before. There is little that make me happier than seeing a really good SpliceTube while randomly perusing the internet, so please, make me happy!

These don't work on my phone!!

These are currently deployed as swf containers, which will not work on most mobile devices.
However, HTML5 versions are being tinkered with and are, to use technical terminology, 'looking pretty sweet.'

Who are you? What are you? What do you want?

I am Everdraed. I am a maker of strange things. I want to see my strange things thrive. Help me!

Many have already helped me tremendously so far. Internet Janitor slammed out the fantastic template doodad, edad is wrangling the HTML5 implementation, and everybody in #SAGameDev has chipped in to varying extents. Something Awful continues to serve as a fantastic testbed and community in general for creating weird things.

Last but not least, every single person who takes the time to make something funny out of these is awesome. SpliceTubes are template files that provide a framework to make things easier, but it's still up to you guys to find funny ways to use them. Do it with gusto!


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